Zoning is responsible for monitoring and acting to ensure that PEHA abides by existing zoning and City of Dallas regulations. We provide information, reminders and alerts to keep residents aware of ways to reduce the risk of receiving Coding Violations and fines.  It takes cooperation from all residents to ensure that our neighborhood complies with PEHA Deed Restrictions and City Regulations.

We focus on these items because they keep our neighborhood attractive and clean, making it the kind of place where we all like to live. We care because these things help all homeowners protect the investment they have made in their property.


2023 PEHA Board Member Contact Info

VP – Zoning

Sandy Leonard


We Care About

Our Association and residents care about:

  • how we manage weekly trash and monthly bulk trash collections,
  • what we should recycle,
  • when we are supposed to water our lawns,
  • how we park our cars,
  • when the grass/weeds get too tall
  • when properties fall into disrepair

We communicate important reminders about trash collection services in our newsletter, Event Calendar, and Neighborhood Nextdoor postings. As part of our Zoning program, we inspect the neighborhood periodically each month. We will leave a notice at the residence and report zoning violations to 311.


About Dallas 311

There are also many City of Dallas services available from “311” that you may need. You can reach 311 in three different convenient ways –

The Top Ten 311 Service Requests are for:

  • Litter
  • Bulky Trash Violation
  • High Weeds
  • Garbage Missed
  • Garbage Roll Cart
  • Recycle Roll Cart
  • Street Repair
  • Obstruction Alley/Sidewalk, Street
  • Dead Animal Pick Up
  • 24 Hour Parking


About PEHA’s Sanitation Services Schedule

For complete information about the sanitation services, our collection schedule and items that are eligible for weekly recycling and monthly bulk trash collection, visit www.dallasbrushandbulk.com


Trash is picked up weekly on Monday, usually in the morning

  • Regular Trash should be put into the GRAY City of Dallas trash roll cart
  • Recyclable Trash should be put into the BLUE City of Dallas trash roll cart

Bulky Trash and Brush is monthly, beginning the 2nd Monday of the month

  • PICK UP starts on the 2nd Monday of the month
  • SET OUT Days are Thursday through Sunday prior to the collection week
  • If you put out bulk trash too early, you may receive a City of Dallas fine for $261 or more.
  • Do not park your cars in front of bulk trash during PICK UP week as the trucks will not be able to reach your curbside. You may be subject to citation if items remain at the curb after the City has completed its collection 


About Parking

  • Always park your cars in the proper direction on the street to avoid a ticket (even #’s park facing East, odd #’s park facing West). This allows emergency vehicles to pass if needed.
  • Cars are NOT supposed to be parked in the same location for more than 24 continuous hours. If you park a car in front of your house, move it every 24 hours.


About Recycling – Protect Our Landfills

The Waste Diversion Group from the City of Dallas Sanitation Services has created a volunteer program to inform the community to better protect our landfills.


Consider some of the following and learn more about how you can join PEHA’s crusade on this important environmental practice!

  • Do you understand what happens in our landfills and why recycling makes an impact?
  • How should you recycle pizza boxes instead of throwing them in the garbage?
  • Do you know what types of plastics are on the approved list to recycle?
  • Do you know the best way to discard hazardous materials such as paint?
  • Are there paper products you are uncertain whether or not to recycle?
  • Do you know how to get a blue recycling roll cart if you don’t have one?
  • Do you know a better way to discard your large electronics boxes from TV purchases, etc. versus waiting for monthly bulk trash pick-up?
  • Do you have a basic understanding of composting, how it impacts you and the environment? And how easy it is to do in your home or yard?
  • Did you know students can gain community service hours to learn about recycling and spreading the word to others?