PEHA beautification programs promote a desirable neighborhood by maintaining clean and attractive common areas throughout the immediate neighborhood. By keeping these areas improved with landscaping, we help protect the investment all property owners have made in their homes.


The map shows all the common areas PEHA maintains.

 - On Hillcrest from La Bolsa going north to the alley of Bluefield and Carta Valley

  •  - On Meandering Way from La Sobrina going south to Clearhaven
  •  - On La Bolsa from Hillcrest going east to Alto Caro
  •  - The corner garden of La Bolsa and Hillcrest called the South Corner
  • The corner garden at the Carta Valley Alley and Meandering Way called the North Corner



These areas are roughly equivalent to three acres or an area equal to the size of about 18 lots in our neighborhood. We have about 3/4 mile of irrigation lines and 4 controllers. Plantings include about:

 - 95 crape myrtle trees

 - 20 mature Bradford Pear Trees

 - 10 additional trees, most of them red oaks

 - an assortment of grasses, perennial flowers and shrubs as the South and North Corners


About 70% of membership dues pay for beautification programs. We have seen increases in water rates and increased need for professional tree and landscaping maintenance as trees have matured. We have also experienced some unexpected costs for irrigation maintenance as our systems have aged.

PEHA Board Member contact Info

VP, Beautification

Kelly and Darin Jeans


Yard of the Month

Each month, the VP Beautification selects a home that represents a beautifully maintained, creative, and colorful front lawn as the Yard of the Month. A sign will be posted in the yard, so when driving in the neighborhood, be sure to look out for the neighbor who has the great lawn!


Other Projects

Occasionally, we ask for volunteers to help “clean up” the North or South corners and also help water some of the areas along the Preston Trail. Look for announcements on the website, emails and on Next Door during the year.


In the past, with the support from funds collected for our Veterans, and with Sandy Leonard’s leadership, we installed a flag pole at the south corner (La Bolsa and Hillcrest) where we will fly a large US flag during holidays and special occasions.


Each December, many of our homeowners volunteer to help decorate the neighborhood with colorful wreaths. If you would like to help, look for the volunteer details in the email announcement.



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