March , 2020                                                                       


Membership 2020 Open Now

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We're off to a good start!

As of March 1, we have 97 members who have chosen to support PEHA in 2020.


Last year, 310 residents became members. Our annual dues for 2020 will remain $60, only $5 a month. We encourage all residents to support us and the programs that keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, friendly and a great place to live!


We would love to secure 330 members this year. If you have a neighbor who moved in during 2019, encourage them to join. Talk to all of your neighbors and encourage them to join. A stronger PEHA makes for a stronger, more vibrant neighborhood.


Matt Mulkey, PEHA Membership Chair



Read More About PTAA

Want to know more about our new neighbor, about Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy (PTAA)?

This public charter school will open for the 2020/2021 school year on the site now occupied by Shelton Academy. There are minor zoning changes that were approved by the City Planning Commission in late January. We expect the PTAA's operations will be very similar to those of Shelton school with no negative impact on our neighborhood. 


Paula Koob, PEHA Communications



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