We will soon have a new neighbor, Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy.It is the new owner of the Shelton School property and will take possession when The Shelton School completes its school year this spring.


PTAA is a Public Charter School. The school is tuition free and receives state funds based on average daily attendance (ADA) of students. Enrollment is by application. The North Dallas location will be sixth campus in the North Texas region.


Doors open August 20, 2020 for 2020/2021 school year. During its first academic year, the campus will serve K -8th grade students. In each successive year, the school will offer programs for one higher grade level until the program reaches full K – 12th maturity. For example, the 2021/2022 academic year will expand to include 9th grade and extend to 10th grade in 2022/2023, etc.


Student Enrollment is limited to 1200 students by ordinance, the same constraint placed on The Shelton School. PTAA expects to maintain enrollment at about 100 students per grade level. They use an application process to manage enrollment. Junior and Senior students will pursue most of their studies off-campus at Richland College. Students participating in these off-campus programs are included in the student headcount limit.


As part of its preparations, PTAA went before the City Planning Commission on January 23, 2020 with a proposal to expand the accepted use of the property to include "open enrollment charter school". The proposal included a preliminary traffic study conducted in November 2019. The traffic management plan includes recommendations that will reduce traffic backup on public rights of way.


PEHA is one of five homeowners associations who have met with school superintendent Shubham Pandey

to discuss concerns and to open a channel of communication. As a group, we feel confident that PTAA will be a good neighbor and a great educational asset for the neighborhood.


Reference Documents


PTAA Zoning Case for City Planning Commission


CPC Meeting Minutes


PTAA Traffic Plan, November 2019














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